Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cutie Patootie little chair makeover!

So Justin brought these home the other day, and while I loved their retro vibe, I just had to cutsie them up a bit. Wouldn't they be perfect for "momma's helper" chairs?! The seats flip up so they can work has step stools as well. 

I painted the plastic steps with a custom color of pink made by mixing two Chalk Paint (TM) decorative paint colors--Emperor's Silk and Pure White in a 1-4 ratio. I popped off the metal seat covers and replaced the old vinyl with fabric from Hancock Fabrics.

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Thanks! Jessica

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  1. Aw, there was one of these in my parents' kitchen while I was growing up! Not nearly as cute as what you've done with these, though!

  2. I love how they are refreshed with the fabric and paint! Very, very cute!

  3. These stools are the best! My grandmother used to have one when we were kids, and I just loved it... but I have to say, yours are so much cuter!!! Very sweet :-)

  4. Very cute! I'm working on a mid century footstool with vinyl but do you have any suggestions on taking the vinyl off? I have never reupholstered before so I'm a bit hesitant.