Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vanity Conversion #4.0

Ok, so I've done a bunch of these--hence the 4.0 right? They are so perfect for our taller pillow top beds--and what about that Style?? eh? Love it!!

Craftsman-smaftsman! Give me some curves!

Spell check didn't like 'smaftsman'. Funny that. You know my theory on made up words right? If I used it and you understood it . . . Game On. Shakespeare did it, why can't I? Not that I would ever compare myself to the Bard. er. uh. Guess I just did.  Well, you get the point.

Vanity converted into Side tables

Painted in Chalk Paint ™ decorative paint in Graphite on top and Old Violet on bottom with Clear Soft Wax and Dark Soft Wax glazing.

And just for a little flourish, I painted the top lip of the drawers in graphite. Why not?

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  1. I love this one! Its the best one yet :)

  2. I love these tables......the violet with the black looks soooo vintage. I thought I was already following you, but clicked follow again just to make sure.


  3. I love that you painted the top edge of the drawers. What a good idea, and the colours are great!

  4. I love these little tables! They look like they're going to walk right out of the room on their clubby little feet. I don't often think of furniture as having personality, but these side tables do! So cute!