Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Culture of Lockers

Is it funny to anyone else lockers are being removed from schools only to find a home in our homes?  Talk about world's colliding. School. Home. School. Home. Scholome.

 Then again, many kids today go through school carrying their books on their backs. They know nothing of the subtle social culture that surrounds lockers.

Who's your locker partner? or four as I had my senior year.  An if you partnered in your friend's locker--could you remember your combination 6 months later when you wanted to get in again.
Who's locker did you conveniently have to walk by just in case you might see them?
Who's locker did you avoid to make sure you didn't see them once you broke up? 
"Going out" meant you held hands down the hallway and kissed at you locker. And if it meant more than that . . . Well, then,  . . . you were part of "that" crowd.  
Which spot in the hallway as always crowded since that's where the popular kids hung out?
Where do kids without lockers put their spare change of clothes in case you had a fashion crisis while at school?

Really, lockers are such a part of school culture it's hard to imagine many schools are taking them out. That's how we get them.

Here's a fun set we redid for a gal. We have another set of 4 at home we'll do for our own kids soon--they've picked their colors: red, blue, pink, and rainbow. Yes. Rainbow.

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  1. I sometimes have dreams about forgetting my locker combination! Have no idea why! Love the red lockers! - Susan

  2. I love lockers! They are a part of our history and I really feel sad for the kids today that don't get any! I can't even remember how many conversations or crushes or issues were had at those lockers. LOL.