Friday, July 27, 2012

Off topic . . . But so worth it . . . :D

Last week I went off the grid. I mean really off the grid. My Camp family relatives get together at the family cabin near Mt. St. Helens every year for a phenomenon known as Camp Camp. No electricity. No TV. No Computers.  There is phone now if you have Verizon.  Each year we do a different theme. Past themes have included Harry Potter, Greek Mythology, "Green" as in environmental, although my sister Jeny decided to interpret this as Frogs on her day, Dr. Seuss . . . and many more.

This year's theme was Hunger Games.
So my sister made a huge Cornecopia for all the 'supplies' to show up everyday. One mom did parecord braclets, wilderness fort building, and camo.  Another did a series of athletic events and obstacle courses. Later I think someone was going to do archery and identifying wilderness plants safe to eat.  Toss in a smattering of crafts, food, swimming at the lake, and 90 billion kids and that's Camp Camp.
I had planned on going for the whole 7 days . . . but it really was the worst time with the Grand Opening of our new store less than 3 weeks away and Justin's injury . . .

So I had to cut it back to 3 days.  And that was probably wise since this year I went sans nanny. Yikes. Not ready for that yet. Definitely Not Ready.  Gladly accepting gifts of chocolate and valium.

Little A at the beach

C takes on bead stringing--Thanks Teresa for the gift!

K demonstrates how Pink Princesses do camo--and her Maori fight dance stance.

A cousin helps her with the body art. Hey--it wasn't on the walls.

 My sweety pie on the toy that never dies. Seriously. going on 7-8 years now including a winter or two outside.

James' best "don't look at me" face.
And J working on his supply backpack. 

Like I said .  . . so off topic. But now you know why I have no photos to show you!
Thanks! jessica


  1. Very cute! My kids would looooove something like that. That sort of annual tradition is awesome and will provide amazing memories for your kids. Angie


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