Friday, January 27, 2012

Sepia Toned Chalk Paint Calendar

I can't take credit for this idea--that goes to Melanie Royals by way of Pinterest by way of Martha S.
But I Loved it and had to copy---

I chose to use Graphite, French Linen, and Old Ochre in random amounts to create a sepia toned look for my store calendar-- yeah I know it only has 6 days of the week. We only work mon-sat so I saw no point in wasting space on a day that would always be blank . . . Since supposedly Sunday is my day of rest . . .yeah, right.

 4 kids under 6?? not a chance.

And I didn't tape since I wanted it to look hand painted . . . OK I was just really trying to get this done in the 10 minutes I had till the nanny needed to go home . . . but we can pretend it was on purpose, right?

  Please ignore the staples coming through the frame.
 I do.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sometimes I still get surprised . . .

OK, by this point I've done a few hundred pieces of furniture, so I usually know about how something is going to turn out.
I gotta say this is way up there for one of my favorite transformations!
The original hardware was very heavy and Gothic. It had been painted several times, with the last coat coming off badly.
I just wasn't sure I was going to be able to lighten it up enough to give it a modern feel.
The original glass was missing and there was no back on it.
The glides on both bottom drawers were broken so the drawers fell out.

Well, what do you think now?
Worth saving wasn't she?
This pretty lady got a new coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Mostly Pure White with a bit of Old Ochre--which, yes I know is basically Old White, but I wanted to use up a bunch of almost empty cans. ;)
New satin black drawer pull and knobs. The door pulls in the center are original, I just removed the back plate and sprayed them with satin black spray paint.
Painting tip of the day?
Salvage old drawer pulls by cleaning them well and then spraying them first with metal primer and next with several coats of spray paint. Clear Coat with poly, it's less likely to chip than crafting clear coat spray.
I added a back and painted it taupe for a two tone effect.
Chicken wire gives it a fun pie safe feel.
And of course, new drawer glides added so this baby tracks straight.

Man I love paint!!
Please see the finished pieces button for pricing and availability.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Using up the spares

Ok, First---

I'm having a

Valentines Special
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Mini-Workshop!

Come have fun with your significant other learning
 Annie's Two Color Painting Technique
 on a small home decor item you get to take home!

 Special attention is given to Clear and Antique Waxing during this class.

$65 Includes everything!
Find a friend, spouse, significant other and it's

Buy one, get one free!!

Valentines Night

9:00 pm-11:00 Girls' night Non-Valentines Party! 
Same class--Just for the ladies!

Seating is limited . . . :)

On to furniture . . .

"Oh, Jessica, I love this shade of white. Will you make me a dresser this EXACT shade!"

"Well, D.C. (dear customer) I would love to, but I haven't the foggiest how I made it."

Yeah, this is how the conversation runs in my mind every time I take every almost empty can of white paint I have and throw it all together on a piece. 

Yeah, I paint like my mom cooks.

OH, a dash of this and a hint of that. And a chug chug of what ever this is. And hum, I wonder what this would do???
Oops, how can I fix that?  Well maybe I'll just throw in some of this. 

 Wow! I love it!

And I'll probably never be able to do it again. . .

That was what I thought of the buffet I painted in Chateau Grey with a mixed paint and wax finish in this post.
I loved it, but could I do it again???

Well, I had to try . . .

And practice makes perfect!! I even picked up a new love--not buffing the wax to a shine. We Americans . . .we're soo shiny. Look at our teeth.

What about a nice, soft, suede finish? Really, if you're in town, you've got to come by and give this thing a feel.

Hum, velvety like a truffle! Which I wouldn't mind having a box of right now. Chocolates, not fungus.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Art Deco Wardrobe

Art Deco Wardrobe

Ok, Just lovin' the white lately!  Really, you'll see why this week. I painted 5 things in various shades of white today!!

This little beauty has a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint 1/2 Pure White & 1/2 Old White. 
Hand waxed--really. That's why you get the waxing brush!

Makes the job soooo much easier. 

 Confession time?!
I HATE waxing without the brush. I just can't seem to get it right. Too much, too little, takes forever. . . With the brush?? Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. 
That's my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tip of the day!

Soooooo, back to the subject of wardrobes . . . all those coats, mitten, hats, boots lying on the floor??
Yep, they're calling this home.

 Can you hear it? 

 20% off coupon only lasts a few more days . . .



thanks!! Jessica

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Before and After

Not much to share today! I've been one crazy crafting diva lately, and all my creativity has seeped through my fingers into the furniture and none is left in my brain to write! 
So today I'm sharing a simple before and after in hopes of inspiring you to remember--look for lines and style when shopping for furniture to upcycle. Forget the cosmetic stuff.

And here's my sweet little Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Grahite Chair with soft mustard print fabric. Soooo love this!!
Sorry, this went out the door yesterday to sweet new local follower. ;) 

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Channel your inner Child

Ok, so I've been feeling pretty formal lately, so I thought it was time to bring in some fun colors . . .

But first I'm gonna have to tell you about how I found my inner child  . . .

 Ok, really I just want a chance to talk about my kids--'cause that's what all moms love to do right??

Last night while I was making a batch of brownies, my kids thought it was funny to start bringing the couch cushions into the kitchen. Well, all four of them were playing so nicely together, I didn't have the heart to stop them.  I stepped out of the kitchen for a few minutes. Then James my "informer" came to tell me to come see what they had done.

Yep, I never knew I led such a cushioned life. That's my kitchen with wall-to-wall cushioning.

Well, I decided to make the best of it. I lay down and tried my darnest to convince the kids it was nap time.  Maybe that didn't work, but we did have fun playing blanket forts for awhile. 

Finally I set the timer for cleaning up. And would you believe for the first time in the existence of our family--

they actually all helped--without crying???

Even my baby helped take the pillows back upstairs!

And here they're laughing because they were "sooo silly" putting the seat cushions on top and the top cushions on bottom.

You, know I learned something. I really underestimate the capability of my children sometimes!  Of course promises of ice cream and brownies helped their motivation.

Ok, thanks for letting me blab. Back to furniture!!

This is my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Provence Set.
I actually used a custom mixture of about every AsCP color to make the brown--with a bit of brown and black latex thrown in. I was trying to match a customer's bench, so I had a LoT left over since I kept having to mix more to get the right color!

The top blue is Provence chalk Paint. I heavily distressed it just for kicks and giggles. The drawer pulls are new. 

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Sorry I was MIA for a few days, I've got lots of photos edited and ready for posts, so I should do better this week. ;)


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Friday, January 13, 2012

Another Happy Ending!

I used a technique learned in the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshops or in her books that involves adding paint to the wax. Colors were Chateau Grey as the base and Old white mixed with French Linen in the wax.

Definitely, I've gotta say, I'm not really a "class" person--the whole ADHD thing really doesn't jive well with listening and following directions, but I would definitely recommend taking a class from your local stockist if you haven't already.

When I received my official training as a local retail partner, I thought I was pretty good.

But WOW!

There is so much more to learn. I really think of this paint as so much more than just paint--more like an entirely different medium.

There is so much more that just slapping on the paint with a brush that you can do-
Not to say that you can't just slap it on and get something beautiful!
And another super exciting event is
Annie's North American Tour,
so if you really want a fantastic experience, you can attend this full day workshop in one of 5 cities. Follow this link Stockists from all over the nation will be helping Annie teach these workshops!! You may even see me in San Fransisco!

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