Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saying Good Bye

First of  all--If you read to the very bottom you'll find out what we're giving away at our Grand Opening Celebration on August 9th at our new store at 3036 N. Monroe!
Yes, there will be a quiz to see if you really read. ;P

I've never been much good at goodbye's. I'm more of a 'see ya later' then 'awkward hug' type of gal. It all started when as a sophomore in high school I decided to be a foreign exchange student to Brazil. I spent my entire year preparing for my exchange by going on weekend retreats and making friends from around the world. Dozens and Dozens of friends from around the world. In the beginning my tender young heart would mourn deeply each friend I said goodbye to, knowing that I would most likely never see them again.
And then I realized I simply couldn't see the lost of each friend as a loss. Rather, I realized that each person I met would leave a trace on my soul and I would be different because of knowing them.  I had to cherish what I could from that relationship, and see it as a gain--however brief our friendship might have been.

 Then I spent a year in Sao Paulo, and did the same thing dozens and dozens more times. Too many friends to remember.  And I don't cry anymore. And I'm not really good at even looking back. Even if I TRY to make myself get teary eyed. Weep. Weep. Nope, nothing coming.  I just love looking forward now.
I just love change.

But I will take one more moment to say goodbye to my first store. The store that was never meant to be. It was supposed to just be a paint booth where clients could come get their pieces and I could store unfinished--what we call 'raw' pieces of furniture. Wha?? How did this all happen?

Grand Opening day June 24th, 2011

Last day of business at 2810 N. Monroe July 28th, 2012

Here is a post that captured some of what my store looked like before I transformed it--and that awesome ceiling that everybody loves!
The original post:

The whole story of the Paint In My Hair Boutique started as me wanting to find a bigger space to paint. I looked into industrial parks, but then decided that I really didn't want to be a lone female working in an industrial area.

So I found this little store on Monroe street that had great rent. Well, there was a reason it was such a great deal! It needed a LOT of work. One thing that really bugged me was the drop ceiling. Budget wasn't going to let me build a new ceiling or hire an electrician to redo it for me. So I came up with this idea: Making my own Shabby Chic Light Covers! I think I get more comments on my lights than any other part of the store--outside my fabulous garden design, but that's another post.

How I got this:

From this:

First we had to pull down the aweful drop ceiling.
We discovered that there was dry wall,
but it wasn't mudded or taped.
And the fluorescents were recessed, making the possibility of removing them even more cost prohibitive.

I sprayed a layer of flat dark gray on the dry wall and call it industrial!
Then we found tons of great wood framed windows to cover the lights.

We gave them a scrape to get off the loose paint, softly power washed them down & called it good. I wanted the lights to have a super rustic feel. Be sure to hang them wood trim side down. The other side is just plaster, and not as strong.

We added frosted privacy film to the panes &
used screws and 15 lb. chain to hold them up.

And Voila!
Isn't this so much better than a fluorescent bubble cover!?

And more pictures from the begining:

See you at 3036 N. Monroe on August 9th!!

You can enter to win the 2 Grand Prizes by coming in to the store and filling out an entry form Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!!  No Purchase nesessary and you can enter each day!

Grand Prize 1:
A DeWalt Drill Set

Grand Prize 2:
 $100 Paint In My Hair Gift Certificate good towards my stuff in the store--INCLUDING the Chalk Paint ™ products!!

And 10 Paint In My Hair Totes to the first 10 customers on Grand Opening day Thursday August 9th!!
Each will be stuffed with fun goodies and trinkets . . .
One of which will have a Golden Ticket to for a Free Chalk Paint ™ workshop in my NEW Classroom!

More Prizes to be announced in the days to come so stay tuned in!
Thanks for all the love and support you've given us over the last 13 months!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sneak Peaks

First!! We have put together some awesome giveaways for our grand opening on August 9th! Details coming soon!

But for a hint . . . one gift need batteries and and rhymes with 'pill'.

Well, I won't show you all of my new store YET, but I thought I'd make you all green with envy--or is it jealously? when you see my new paint booth  . . . or should I say ONE of my new paint booths!! There's another one upstairs we can work in while we run the store.

 The store I am leasing is 2,600 sq feet-- NOT including the basement! Ah, yeah!! I started setting up one paint booth right when I moved in, but it's not totally complete. I imagine I'll add a little curtain down the middle of this so I can spray two different colors if I need too. 

And the other half of the basement. Not so pretty, eh? Well, anyone who's sweat their way through a complete sand of a bedroom set on a 90 degree day knows this isn't a glamorous job!
Think . . . 
90 degrees + outside physical labor = sweat. lots.
Sanding = sanding dust. lots.
Sweat + Sanding dust = yuck. lots.

But now I can escape the heat with my very own basement paint booth! Yippee! Now if that darn paint would just dry.

 65 degrees + dank basement = wet paint forever!

More to come!!
Thanks Jessica

Friday, July 27, 2012

Off topic . . . But so worth it . . . :D

Last week I went off the grid. I mean really off the grid. My Camp family relatives get together at the family cabin near Mt. St. Helens every year for a phenomenon known as Camp Camp. No electricity. No TV. No Computers.  There is phone now if you have Verizon.  Each year we do a different theme. Past themes have included Harry Potter, Greek Mythology, "Green" as in environmental, although my sister Jeny decided to interpret this as Frogs on her day, Dr. Seuss . . . and many more.

This year's theme was Hunger Games.
So my sister made a huge Cornecopia for all the 'supplies' to show up everyday. One mom did parecord braclets, wilderness fort building, and camo.  Another did a series of athletic events and obstacle courses. Later I think someone was going to do archery and identifying wilderness plants safe to eat.  Toss in a smattering of crafts, food, swimming at the lake, and 90 billion kids and that's Camp Camp.
I had planned on going for the whole 7 days . . . but it really was the worst time with the Grand Opening of our new store less than 3 weeks away and Justin's injury . . .

So I had to cut it back to 3 days.  And that was probably wise since this year I went sans nanny. Yikes. Not ready for that yet. Definitely Not Ready.  Gladly accepting gifts of chocolate and valium.

Little A at the beach

C takes on bead stringing--Thanks Teresa for the gift!

K demonstrates how Pink Princesses do camo--and her Maori fight dance stance.

A cousin helps her with the body art. Hey--it wasn't on the walls.

 My sweety pie on the toy that never dies. Seriously. going on 7-8 years now including a winter or two outside.

James' best "don't look at me" face.
And J working on his supply backpack. 

Like I said .  . . so off topic. But now you know why I have no photos to show you!
Thanks! jessica

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Past Post Share #2

So many people ask me where I got all this? Have I always been creative?

 So in answer I have put together this short biology lesson.

This is Sarah.

This is the house that Sarah built.

This is the yard that Sarah planted behind the house that Sarah built.

This is the pond that Sarah dug in the yard that Sarah planted behind the house that Sarah built.

This is the cottage that Sarah (and Ron) built next to the pond that Sarah dug, in the yard that Sarah planted, behind the house that Sarah built.

This is the architectural salvage that Sarah decorated inside the cottage that Sarah (and Ron) built next to the pond that Sarah dug, in the yard that Sarah planted, behind the house that Sarah built.

Ok, so does anyone have any further questions about genetics?

 Nope? Didn't think so . . .

 Have a great weekend--

Thanks for stopping by,

Oh, and someone asked--Yes, Sarah would be my Mom.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

This week: Beg, Borrow, and Steal

So, in light of the fact that I'm a little over whelmed with the store reno and summer time fun, I thought I'd  take a cue from the big time bloggers out there. When life gets crazy-- beg, borrow, and steal.  Well, I'll just steal from myself. I thought for the next little bit while I'm knee deep in dirt and paint, I would share some of my own favorite blog posts from the last  year. 

Here's one I did when my hubby left town with all the kids for a week. I took the moment to redo our master bedroom. Without collaboration. Yeah, I just choose and hoped he didn't hate it. Which, fortunately he didn't! 

Happy painting! 

the July 2011 Post:
My own Bedroom makeover!

So, while my hubby had the kids away for the week I decided to use Sunday to redo my bedroom.

 First Disclaimer: My paint gun and I have a long and complicated relationship. I know just how far I can push the little sucker. Please don't go and try to paint your furniture in your bedroom with paint gun unless you know exactly what your over spray range is!! I don't want to hear about someone painting their carpet burnt umber.  ;p

So here's the Before pic
As I've told many of you I don't really decorate my own room since my kids destroy EVERYTHING. So I figure if I don't have a house I'm trying to keep perfect, I won't get mad when they mess it up!!

So before pic: a lot of boring mid-brown wood stuff.

 Tarping, Taping, Priming
 Up goes the blue!

I'm sorta an "it's easier to get forgiveness than permission" sort of gal. So I didn't consult the hubby on color choice! He'll just have to like it.

 Spraying Accessories with bronzed black color

 OOOh, Pretty!
 And a few accessories to decorate. Please note the little girl figurine by the wreath. With her head.
 This is round one of decorating. Next on the list is a new fancy bedpost--the foot painted ivory and the headboard upholstered with ivory velvet type fabric. 

  And 24 hours after my children get home . . . Head missing. Oh, Yeah! That's why I had been storing her away since my mom gave one each to the twins when they were 6 months old. And that is why I don't bother to decorate my house. Any guesses how often I have to strip the couch covers off and wash them . . . ;)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Culture of Lockers

Is it funny to anyone else lockers are being removed from schools only to find a home in our homes?  Talk about world's colliding. School. Home. School. Home. Scholome.

 Then again, many kids today go through school carrying their books on their backs. They know nothing of the subtle social culture that surrounds lockers.

Who's your locker partner? or four as I had my senior year.  An if you partnered in your friend's locker--could you remember your combination 6 months later when you wanted to get in again.
Who's locker did you conveniently have to walk by just in case you might see them?
Who's locker did you avoid to make sure you didn't see them once you broke up? 
"Going out" meant you held hands down the hallway and kissed at you locker. And if it meant more than that . . . Well, then,  . . . you were part of "that" crowd.  
Which spot in the hallway as always crowded since that's where the popular kids hung out?
Where do kids without lockers put their spare change of clothes in case you had a fashion crisis while at school?

Really, lockers are such a part of school culture it's hard to imagine many schools are taking them out. That's how we get them.

Here's a fun set we redid for a gal. We have another set of 4 at home we'll do for our own kids soon--they've picked their colors: red, blue, pink, and rainbow. Yes. Rainbow.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Aubusson Blue and Eating my words

If you have been following my blog for sometime, you might remember me saying I would not jump on the brass bandwagon. Well, munch, munch, munch, I guess I have some eating of words, munch, munch, to do.

Because I think I'm really grooven' on the whole bright, saturated color and brass thing. The more I do it, the more I love it. Not for every project. No worries, you won't see the 90's coming alive here. I pulled enough pant zippers up with pliers for one life time. Come on, you know you wore jeans so tight you had to lay down on the bed to pull them on, as well!!  And those bangs . . . Yeah. You know what I'm talking about.

Sigh. Yes, we will let the 90's rest in piece. Even if I did see my 8th grade tube skirt on a girl this weekend.

Back to the subject. Brass handles.

I might be able to find a bit of space in my design board for brass handles. Not always. Not on everything. BUT . . .once it awhile it just works.

Emperor's Silk and Brass:

Graphite and Brass:

Here's my latest Crush: Aubusson Blue and Brass.

thanks for stopping by!
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Friday, July 6, 2012

Color Recipes

One of my favorite things to do is create my own recipes . . .  recipes for food is obvious, but I also love to create my own recipes for Chalk Paint (TM) decorative paints. 
I guess it all goes hand in hand with my 'need to create or I might shrivel up and die' personality. Remember this is the girl who made and sold Fimo beads to the kids in my high school--and at Grateful Dead concerts, but that's A WHOLE 'nother story.
So ever since the one and only Annie Sloan encouraged us to create our own recipe books, I've been making a more diligent effort not to just slop this and chug, chug that when mixing paints.

FYI--to make a recipe I use a baby medicine syringe. I work in .5 tsp increments for each color. Then I simply apply the ratios when mixing larger batches.

So for this recipe for a Tiffany blue inspired color I mixed:

1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 tsp Pure White
1/2 tsp Florence
1/4 tsp Provence


3 parts Pure White
1 part Florence
1/2 part Provence

and later when making the big batch I mixed

1 1/2 cups Pure White
1/2 cup Florence
1/4 cup Provence.

Look closely at this recipe (the fabric was what I was matching for the client)
The big rectangle is my original recipe batch. The circle in the top left corner was my big batch creation I made using the ratios method. Not bad, huh?

(note: whites are off in this photo--it's too blue.)

And here's a shot of my Florence and Old White page. Ok yeah. Let's be honest. Writing out THE ENTIRE WORD Florence and ENTIRE TWO WORDS Old White was waaaay to much to ask of my ADHD brain. 

And here are the bowls from a recipe making session. Each of these colors was made using difference combinations of Chalk Paint (TM) and I have the recipes for each one!!  I can't bear to throw away any extra paint, so I usually put the extra on some home decor item I have laying around. This time it was Texas stars.

And here is the Tiffany blue inspired color on two pieces:

Thanks for stopping by!

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