About me!

Who am I?
Well, besides the obvious--
a girl who doesn't handle having her picture taken very well!

I am
A Woman with a deep rooted faith in God.
A Mom of 4 wonderful, crazy kids.
(The oldest of whom is six!)
A Wife to a very, very, very patient husband who puts up with a lot from me and  
who also makes a great furniture mover. ;)
 A Daughter to an amazing mom who at 40, with a 2 year toddler, built her own home.
A Girl who has an insatiable need to create.
 A Lady who can't follow a recipe, pattern, or set of directions to save her life!
A Gal who once ran across the Grand Canyon in 6 hours. 
 Not to brag or anything. ;p
A Chick who can't go into a store in the mall, come out, and keep going the same direction.

forgetful space cadet with paint in her hair.

The hubby & kiddos
After a family night gone wild!
OK, so I don't have any "normal" family photos,
but these are probably more appropriate for us.